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Our workshops:

Great exercise for all

Inspiring and motivating 

Builds confidence 

Improves self esteem 

Promotes social interaction

Help maintain fine motor skills

Stimulates co ordination 

Learn new skills and share old

Creates memories

Relaxing and enjoyable

Sensory stimulation 

Busy Lizzy offers the opportunity to explore a wide variety of arts & crafts through well thought out projects, tailored to suit age and ability.

Hampton Care ,Sunbury receive weekly workshops and have produced some amazing pieces of pottery. With our pottery club.

Busy Lizzy works with residents for 1-1.5 hrs sessions, with the view of working on individual pieces or collabrative projects for display .

Homes are invited to exhibite at our annual exhibition to celebrate their artwork representing their homes and individuals.

 Flower arranging  and felting are always popular from our sensory range of workshops. Our clients love to create gifts for friends, relatives and love ones.

Work produced often reflects memories and experiences.

Regular visits provide our clients experience the opportunity to ceramic painting mugs , create mosaic mirrors and give the opportunity work on items that can be useful for their everyday lives.

Groups have successfully sold their work at craft fairs and Malden Fortnight stalls.

Social Eyes (K.A.B. members) are our first group 2003 to have monthly workshops tailored to their needs as a visually impaired group .They created octopus and proud to announce they won  1st place at scarecrow Garson Farm competition 2012.

This group have exhibited their wonderful art work in Kingston Museum,as a response to the Dora Gordine collection.

Projects tailored to groups abilities.

All tutors are very experienced and inspire our groups to achieve work to be proud of.

Interested in a regular creative session.We would be delighted to visit to discuss this further.

Great exercise for all  

  • Helps maintain fine motor skills
  • Promotes social interaction
  • Builds confidence
  • Creates  memories
  • Inspires and motivates
  • Relaxing and enjoyable


Friendly and professional guidance given 





Below examples of work offered to groups with rewarding results


mugspotteryBusy Lizzy mirrors



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